Sunday, October 5, 2014

What?! A New Post?

I'm not the most organized person, which is somewhat ironic considering how fastidious and meticulous I used to be. (Ask my husband.)

Then: Accomplish a checklist of chores/appointments while finding extra ways to be productive.
Now: Make it through the day.

If I'm lucky, there is a vague plan hovering out there, occasionally pelting me with reminders of "there's something I was meant to do today . . . now what was it?"

I reveal all this to you as an excuse explanation regarding this blog. I have the best intentions, waylaid by only sporadic follow through. 

In that vein, I now share some of the new robots that have been reassembled in my blogger absence:

I vow to do better . . . and you vow to forgive me when I don't. Deal? Robot on!

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