Saturday, October 25, 2014

I'm Practically a Social Butterfly

I'm challenging myself to branch out and try new venues of social media.  So, despite my inborn, old-person dislike of hashtags, I signed up for Twitter about a week ago. 

I have 15 followers already.  Mind-blowing, I know.  I think some of them are even real people and not just advertising ploys.

Then, last night, I finally posted a picture on Instagram.  Boom.

It's like the title says, I'm practically a social butterfly.  You know, without the wings . . . and only social in impersonal, electronic forums.

If you want to follow my foray into the world of social media, follow me on Twitter (@RemnantsbyRJ) and Instagram (remnantsbyrj).

Be prepared to witness something.  Hopefully, something good . . . or at least occasionally entertaining.

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