Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Day 22 (Creative Sprint): Pass It On

Day 22: Start something, then have someone else complete it.

I started a robot picture, drawing the bottom of a robot (mostly body and legs), then passed it to my 12-year-old son to finish the drawing (he even added a shadow at the bottom). Then I asked my 8-year-old to color it and my 11-year-old to write a story about the robot. Here's the finished product:

Rocky the Robot is an adventurous robot who is always up for every challenge. He has won the Rolympics 5 times, the Super Bolt 2 times, the Robo Series 10 times, and Polobot 7 times. As you probably know, Rocky is a top athlete in all robot sports. He also likes reading books and writing books. His favorite book is “The Robot Fart Attack" by Rocky the Robot.   

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