Monday, March 30, 2015


Dart isn't your typical rocking horse. For one thing, he's only about 5" tall (which makes him difficult to ride for humans like us). But that's not really what makes this pony special--it's his personality. Sure, he's fast like his name suggests, and he's ridiculously adorable, but more than that, he's looking for a best friend. This horse will be as loyal as the day is long. He'll keep your secrets, he'll store your tiny treasures, and he'll love you til the end of time.

Spend the days gently rocking him or stroking his cut leather mane. Either way, this is one horse you simply can't live without.

(Reassembled using a vintage Dart nail box, tea strainer head, drawer handles rockers, and leather roller skate straps for mane and tail. 5 1/4" long, 2 1/4" wide, and 5" tall) 

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