Monday, March 2, 2015

Does Absence Make the Heart Grow Fonder?

I've been borderline MIA from the blog world in 2015. We're working on getting our house on the market . . . not just contemplating anymore, really working. After eight years of hard living by four young boys, the house needs its fair share of TLC.

The purging, decluttering, cleaning phase sucks. This was my bedroom early on. 

Now I have to bob-and-weave to get in and out. It's an obstacle course to get to the bathroom at night. Maybe we should put a prize in there as reward for making it successfully--hmmm.

Plus, my robots went from carefree livin' to livin' in the dark. In a cabinet. In my room. Unseen.

Then this weekend, I started the arduous task of organizing, downsizing, and cleaning my workshop . . . all without stopping to make new robots. Apparently, prospective buyers are unlikely to enjoy miscellaneous metal shrapnel in their carpet. Whatever.

The line between chaos and progress is a bit fuzzy. Perhaps it's buried under there somewhere?

All this to say, I'll probably continue to be sporadic and unreliable. Fair warning.  Also, if you'd like to buy a lovely home . . . 

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