Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 312 - Florida Found Robots

I have a $20 Walmart flip phone, and I used it to take pictures of robots when my sister took me to some flea markets.  Enjoy.  (If you squint, it might make the picture seem clearer.)

This is Clanky, a plastic robot syrup bottle.  My sister said it looked like an astronaut, but it's named CLANKY, for goodness sakes!

I got this fantastic Robot Mood Ring at a flea market (it's bright orange!).  The seller was all, "Okaaaay . . ." when I bought it, and I was all, "You're the one selling it, lady!"

And here's some robots AT my sister's house.  The JOY one is one of my very first, and, yes, that other one is a robot made from vintage harvest-colored Tupperware.

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