Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 291 - What's the Story behind that Bot?

With a show tomorrow, I've been writing the bios (stories) for some of my new robots. 

Chip’s a little bot, but he’s got a BIG heart.  He’s into championing causes and standing up for the underdog.  Today, his platform is saving innocent robots from landfills, tomorrow who knows?  Let him give your latest cause a voice.  Choose Chip!

Miss Maci
For Miss Maci, the Boston Tea Party was actually all about tea.  Taxes or no taxes, as a refined lady bot, she’s unwilling to let tea time pass by unnoticed.

Is it time for you to set sail on her robot seas?  Feel free to stow some secrets away in her canister body, and make sure you enjoy a spot ‘o tea along the way.

The rumors are true, Annabelle is a morning person, but don’t hold it against her.  She knows not everyone is.  Her quiet cheerfulness is complimented by her slightly oversized cup (because she knows some people need a little extra caffeine to get going).

Store tea bags, sugar packets, or secret treasure in her body, and let the soothing tick-tock of her working alarm clock head be the rhythm of your mornings.  

Sleek and silver, Scooter is intent on being taken more seriously.  Sure, he has a sifter head (that clicks and clacks when squeezed), but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings, too.

Scooter is ready to face the world with a canister-ful of responsibility.  That’s why he insisted on the Memo Holder addition.  Never fear, your important notes will never be lost with Scooter near.

Are you the one—the one who’s ready to give Scooter a chance to show the world what he’s made of?  I think you just might be.

Pinky is a bit on the smaller side, but what does she care?  Cuteness often comes in the smallest packages, and no one can deny her intrinsic cuteness. So if you’ve been looking for a delicate little pup who’s also easy on the eyes, Pinky’s the one for you.  

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