Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 211 - Once Upon a Time . . . 2.0

Once upon a time there were two robots that were deeply in love.  Then a hippo made them break up. 

Then a Samurai came down and said, "Hippo the Hippopotamus, let's take them to two far away mountains so they can't see each other again!" 

The robots quickly turned on their invisibility shields and rolled away into the forest. 

"I will go and get my date," said the hippo. 

The Samurai put on his invisibility goggles and flew down and grabbed a robot and locking him in a cage guarded by an invincible dragon. 

The other robot teamed up with the hippo and his date to start the long journey to the guarded cage.  "How is George Washington going to help?" asked the hippo. 

Then the Samurai teleported to the group and kidnapped the other robot and locked her in another mountain guarded by an invincible troll. 

"Nothing can stop me," said George Washington as he dialed Jack Bauer's cell phone.  Then the hippo ran and knocked the troll off the cliff.  Meanwhile, the Samurai roasted Jack Bauer over a faraway volcano which was guarded by an invincible cage.

But Jack Bauer threw his head back in laughter as he said, "No one can stop Jack Bauer!" and destroyed the cage and froze the volcano. 

So the hippo blew up the whole world, sending Jack Bauer to Mars, the boy robot to the moon, the girl, troll, and dragon to Pluto, and the hippo to the sun.  Then the Samurai took apart the robots and flung them into millions of pieces and threw Jack Bauer into the middle of the sun where he was trapped forever.

To Be Continued . . .

*This second story brought to you by the "Write a Sentence, Pass It On" formula for literary greatness.  I prefaced it by reminding them not to eat, maim, or kill each other's characters, but my words fell on deaf ears . . . at least when it came to my oldest son.  Little does he know that Jack Bauer can never, ever, ever be defeated.

For the first story attempt, visit Day 147.

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