Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day 147 - A Story with a Robot In It

One day, not any day, a Robot, a Ninja, and an Ostrich walked to a beautiful meadow.  Then the Ninja took out his i-phone and said, "I got a new app called Fruit Ninja!"  The Ostrich ran away and came back with a baby T-Rex.  

"Run," yelled the Robot, but the Ninja turned to the dinosaur with a "Hi-yah!"  Than a Samurai came down from the sky and said, "I will fight you, but first, hit the music!"

The Ostrich ran away again and came back with no feathers, but he did have a sword in his mouth.  "I can't fly," yelled the Ostrich.  

The Robot ignored them all because he was too busy dancing to "Mr. Roboto."  The baby T-Rex ate the Samurai and then said, "I have a big appetite."  

The Ostrich ran away again and came back an hour later with the Robot's grammar test.  "Since when do I know grammar?  I'm a dancer, not a learner," said the Robot.  Then the baby T-Rex ate the Ostrich and said, "I have to get some meat on my bones."  T-Rex quickly became extinct when the Ostrich climbed out of his body and danced with the Robot.

*This story brought to you by the "Write a Sentence, Pass It On" formula for literary greatness.  It ended with near tears because my oldest boy had the T-Rex eat the Ostrich (which was my middle boy's character) and then erupted into an "animated" argument about whether or not you can just make the T-Rex go extinct, as well as whether or not an ostrich can survive being eaten.  

The story had to be taken away, and rules have been set in place to not eat, maim, or kill each other's characters the next time around.


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  1. Your robots are awesome! And I can't believe you've done 147 days!!!!