Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 73 - If I Had a Robot . . .

Hypothesis: I will ask the boys to do a journal entry entitled, "If I Had a Robot," and it will be a fun, creative assignment.

Translation:  It would give me anything I'd want and could transform into a talking computer.  It could also get anything I don't want out.  I would name it Max.  It has a special mode that will make unwanted guests be put into a torture room.  It also has a robot-defusing tool.  It has a bomb that will destroy any robot because it's a robot-defusing bomb.

Translation:  I would name the robot Buddy.  I would want him to fetch, play games, puppy games, and be nice and only bark, not talk.  I would want him to be soft.  Well, I would want it to be potty trained and do whatever a puppy does and be as soft as a puppy.  Also it can destroy anything that tackles it, except for me.

Conclusion:  I am surrounded by too much testosterone. 

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